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Case Study: Ulrika Viberg’s Digital Agency Acceleration Success Story

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Unikorn, a boutique SEO Management Consultancy, is renowned for their premium SEO services, specializing in advanced technical, content, and analytical projects for large e-com and B2B clients. Their primary goal is to offer a superior end-user experience while achieving their clients’ organic search objectives. 

However, as a solo founder, the task of managing the business while also working on client projects was overwhelming for the founder Ulrika Viberg. They joined The OMG Center program with the hope of obtaining guidance and developing a strategic plan for the future. 


Ulrika, and Unikorn were looking to modify their agency model into more of a boutique consultancy, whilst maintaining their current happy clients, Net Profit and culture. The changes needed were for long-term impact and de-risked short term pains. The Accelerator programme was perfect for them.


In order to accomplish these objectives, Chris Simmance from The OMG Center employed his DADA methodology. During the Discovery phase of the DADA method, he conducted comprehensive interviews with the Unikorn team members, using calibrated questions to gain an in-depth understanding of the existing systems and processes within Unikorn. He particularly focused on understanding the core objectives and rationales of the organization to determine the most effective deployment of resources. 

Armed with this enhanced understanding of Unikorn, Chris Simmance orchestrated a “wallpaper” strategy day where he outlined a three-year plan to steer the company towards its growth objectives, as defined by Unikorn. This strategic session set the stage for the creation of a comprehensive plan for accountability and systems management. 


The OMG Center offered a structured program and a comprehensive roadmap tailored to Unikorn’s needs. The aim was to help the company establish a solid plan for the next three years, including setting goals, improving work processes, and enhancing external communications. 

After the proposed changes were meticulously planned and agreed upon with the Unikorn leadership, efforts were focused on integrating these changes into the business operations and managing their implementation. These alterations ranged from modifications in workflows or project management systems to expansions in the workforce and toolset, accompanied by necessary training and support. 


The process was not without its challenges. As a solo founder, balancing the daily business operations with the demands of an intensive program was daunting. However, the team became more self-sufficient, effectively managing their time and tasks, which significantly contributed to meeting their three-year plan goals. 

Upon the successful delivery of the adjusted systems, tactics, and strategies, Unikorn continued its collaboration with Chris Simmance to facilitate the daily implementation of these changes, ensuring complete adoption and tangible results. As these changes seamlessly integrated into the day-to-day operations, their outcomes were carefully monitored and recorded. 


Despite the net profit remaining at 20%, the program brought about significant changes in the daily operations of Unikorn. They increased new client wins, brought in new team members, or “Unikorns” and still kept Net Profit at the same levels! The founder had a much better work-life balance, and the company expanded its client base from 8 to 11. More importantly, the founder felt like they had a real business partner by their side through the course of the program. 

Lessons Learned 

The program not only helped Unikorn establish a solid business plan but also enhanced the team’s ability to deliver more efficiently while maintaining the high standard they had set. The founder rated the program’s impact on their team and company culture a 9 out of 10, indicating a substantial positive influence. 


Unikorn’s journey with The OMG Center was indeed transformative. Their experience demonstrates that even businesses with a solid foundation can benefit from external guidance to streamline processes, enhance team capabilities, and achieve a better work-life balance. The founder emphatically recommends the program to other businesses and believes that it provides a competitive edge. As they put it, “Every business and business owner needs help! I felt I have been given a head start towards my competitors with the help of The OMG Center!” 

  • 📚 Introduction: Unikorn, an SEO Management Consultancy, joined The OMG Center to achieve growth and enhance business strategy, managed by its solo founder, Ulrika Viberg. 😓
  • 🎯 Goals: Ulrika aimed to transform Unikorn into a boutique consultancy without affecting the current client satisfaction, Net Profit, and company culture. 🚀
  • 💡 Methodology: Chris Simmance from The OMG Center applied his DADA method and conducted in-depth interviews with the Unikorn team to understand their processes and objectives. 🎤
  • 🗺️ Strategy: A tailored roadmap was designed for Unikorn to set the company on a growth trajectory over the next three years, focusing on goal-setting, process improvement, and communication. 📈
  • ⚙️ Implementation: After planning and agreeing on changes, these were integrated into business operations, leading to improved self-sufficiency among the team members. 🔄
  • 🎉 Results: The program led to increased new client wins, workforce expansion, maintained net profit, and improved work-life balance for the founder. The client base expanded from 8 to 11. 💼
  • 🎓 Lessons Learned: The program boosted team efficiency and maintained high standards. The founder rated the program’s impact as 9 out of 10, reflecting its significant positive influence. 🌟
  • 🔚 Conclusion: Unikorn’s transformative journey with The OMG Center demonstrates the value of external guidance to streamline processes, enhance capabilities, and achieve better work-life balance. The founder strongly recommends the program. 🏆