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Mission: Deadline Possible

Unmasking Project Management Secrets in Digital Marketing


You might be part of the most highly skilled team of digital marketers in the world, but have you ever:

  • Struggled to balance your workload so that everything is delivered on time and to spec?
  • Had issues maintaining traction on projects?
  • Missed opportunities for better collaboration with your team?

Having solid project management processes in place is how you avoid these issues!

In this talk, the audience will learn:

  1. Why it’s important for everyone to have project management processes in place, regardless of whether you work on your own or as part of a team;
  2. About key project management processes;
  3. Actionable tips and examples of how project management processes can be implemented within digital marketing teams.



  • Having a ‘To Do’ list is not enough! Tasks need to be broken down, assigned and scheduled to maintain traction and accountability; 
  • Regular communication is key! Structured, daily communications help maximise team collaboration through providing an opportunity for any issues or barriers to be raised and discussed; 
  • Know your numbers! Measuring client and team utilisation is critical to maximise profitability!

Key Audience…


  • Anyone in a project management or operational role 
  • Business or agency team leaders 
  • Freelancers who want to maximise their productivity & profitability 

Client & Stakeholder Satisfaction Guaranteed…

Or Your Money Back!


For anyone who works in a business and has clients or internal stake holders – which is a significant proportion of us! – it is vital we understand how they truly feel about the services we provide. Rather than simply relying on ‘gut feeling’, we need to measure satisfaction in a way that is structured and easily understood by everyone.

In this talk, the audience will learn:

  • Why it’s important to measure client and stakeholder satisfaction;
  • The types of measures you should use to do this;
  • Practical tips & examples of how this can be done.

The audience will leave with a better understanding of how measuring satisfaction supports business growth, and will be empowered with the tools & knowledge to take action straight away!



  • Satisfaction is a key KPI! Measuring client and stakeholder satisfaction is key to maintaining positive relationships & supporting business growth.
  • Monitor the past and present to predict the future! Use a mixture of leading and lagging measures to proactively and reactively spot opportunities for business growth
  • KISS! When measuring client and stakeholder satisfaction, start with the end in mind and keep it simple.

Key Audience..


  • Anyone with account management responsibilities 
  • Business or agency leaders 

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