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How to Create Purpose for My Digital Agency

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As a digital agency owner, finding a purpose that goes beyond just making profits is crucial to the long-term success of your business.

A purpose-driven agency not only attracts and retains talented employees. It also appeals to clients who value socially responsible companies – of which there are many.

In fact, a recent Forbes report found that 70% of consumers believe that brands should maintain a stance on social issues. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to turn your agency into an NGO. But it does mean honing in on a purpose that gives value and structure to your business.

Purpose can help your agency connect better with its target market and create a more motivated and engaged atmosphere for employees. In this guide, we will discuss the steps you can take to create a meaningful purpose for your digital agency.

Section 1: Assess Your Current State

Before you can create a purpose, you need to assess where you are now. Evaluate your agency’s strengths, weaknesses, and core values.

Ask yourself why you started the agency in the first place and what motivates you to continue. Consider what kind of impact you want to have on the world. By fleshing out these core components of your agency, you can gain a clearer idea of where you’re headed in future.

One of the most important things to remember when assessing your current state is to be honest about where it’s at. Use real data and experiences (from senior and lower-level employees) to develop a fuller idea about the state of your purpose.

Sitting down with your team to discuss the various strengths and weaknesses of the agency can also be a great bonding experience that facilitates better collaboration and communication.

Section 2: Identify a Problem to Solve

Now that you know where you stand, it’s time to identify a problem to solve. Look for a social or environmental issue that aligns with your agency’s values and skills. This could be anything from promoting sustainability to championing diversity and inclusion.

You might not think that your agency has a particular stance on any social issues, but you might be surprised by what comes up when you look at the bigger picture.

What problem have you been tackling as an agency since you started? You might have noticed a gap in the market for creativity or innovation and have made that a big part of what you offer. Identifying the challenge you have taken up as a team will help clarify what your purpose is.

Section 3: Craft Your Purpose Statement

Crafting a purpose statement is a critical step in creating a meaningful purpose for your digital agency. A purpose statement encapsulates the overarching message that a company is trying to promote and provides meaning to why it exists in the first place.

A purpose statement also gives context to the way in which an agency conducts itself, and the kind of core values it holds itself accountable for.

Your purpose statement should be concise, clear, and inspiring. It should communicate your agency’s reason for being and its unique value proposition. It should also set you apart from your competitors and tell the world why you’re the best at what you do.

But writing a purpose statement can be a tricky business. Here are some best practices and tips to help you craft one that reflects the true nature and purpose of your agency:

  • Consider your target audience – While it is naturally important for you to craft a statement based on the true purpose of your agency, it is also important to consider what your target audience is wanting to hear. Allow their needs to shape your angle.
  • Hire a professional copywriter – Purpose statements are an integral part of your agency brand, and it should be treated as such. Hire a professional to ensure you get the most concise and authentic statement possible for your agency.
  • Leave some legroom for growth – You don’t want to create a purpose statement that is so specific that it leaves no space for adaptation or growth over time. Focus on the core values, not exact deliverables so that your agency has space to evolve.

It is also important to consider using language that resonates with your target audience and reflects your agency’s personality. Have fun with it and let it reflect your unique brand persona.

Section 4: Communicate Your Purpose

Once you have a purpose statement, it’s essential to communicate it effectively. Share it on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. Make sure your employees understand and believe in it and incorporate it into your day-to-day operations. Show how your agency is making a positive impact on the issue you identified in section 2 and infuse it into all other branches of your business. Without a strategy for sharing your purpose with the world, its message may fall flat. Inserting it in the right places will show that you understand the importance of your agency’s purpose and make it easier for people to understand what it is.

In addition to posting your purpose statement where applicable, it is also a good idea to look at other places throughout your website and social media outlets where its sentiments can be echoed. For instance, you may want to reword your agency description or newsletter content.

Consistency is extremely important, so making sure it aligns with other elements of your online presence is key to getting the message across.

Pick and Perfect Your Purpose

Creating a meaningful purpose for your digital agency is not a one-time task. It requires ongoing commitment and effort. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create a purpose that inspires you, your team, and your clients.

The right purpose statement and identity can help your agency hone in on its strengths, connect to a wider audience, and meet client’s emotional and social needs. Remember, a purpose-driven agency not only makes a difference in the world but also in its own success.

  • Assess your current state: Evaluate your agency’s strengths, weaknesses, and core values. 📊
  • Identify a problem to solve: Find a social or environmental issue that aligns with your agency’s values and skills. 🌍
  • Craft your purpose statement: Create a concise and inspiring statement that communicates your agency’s reason for being and its unique value proposition. ✍️
  • Consider your target audience: Tailor your purpose statement to resonate with your audience while staying true to your agency’s purpose. 🎯
  • Hire a professional copywriter: Get expert help to ensure your purpose statement is concise and authentic. 💼
  • Leave room for growth: Focus on core values, allowing your agency to adapt and evolve over time. 🌱
  • Communicate your purpose: Share your purpose statement on your website, social media, and other marketing materials. Integrate it into your day-to-day operations and demonstrate how your agency makes a positive impact. 📢
  • Ensure consistency: Align your purpose statement with other elements of your online presence to reinforce your agency’s message. 🔄
  • Pick and perfect your purpose: Creating a meaningful purpose is an ongoing commitment that inspires your team and clients, connects with a wider audience, and drives your agency’s success. 🚀