How to Conduct an Effective Team Briefing: Tips for Leaders

Team briefings are an essential part of any organisation, large or small. They outline the objectives of the team, assess past performance and discuss any possible queries that team members may have. They are also an opportunity to communicate wider organisational messages to your team members. In order to conduct an effective team briefing, follow these tips: make sure all team members are present, be prepared and be a good listener.

All team members should be present and agency briefings should be conducted on a regular basis in order to stay on top of all projects. Conducting a briefing can be daunting, but it is an important skill for any leader. They’re for listening as well as sharing which makes them great opportunities to understand how people feel or are performing as well as any issues to look for in the future.

To make sure team briefings are effective, team leaders should be prepared and be good listeners. By following these tips, team briefings can be an effective way to communicate within organisations and assess team performance. Briefings are essential for team building in a digital marketing agency. It is a time where the team can come together and understand what the objectives are, how they have performed in the past as well as any queries they may have. It is also an opportunity for the agency to communicate any wider messages to the team. If you’re not doing these, you should be. If you need help, you may need an Agency Coach or Mentor.

Features of Successful Team Briefings

  • Less misunderstanding within your team, office and department
  • Staff are kept up to date on performance, results and progress
  • The team is made aware of policy changes
  • Any misleading rumours are quashed.

Core Characteristics of Team Briefings

  • Regular – The meetings will be held on a regular, planned basis
  • Team leader to the team:
    • Managers will deliver the brief verbally to their own teams
    • Some people will be given information by their managers’ manager and others in ad hoc groups as a result of organizational limitations.
  • Relevant:
    • The majority of the knowledge that teams obtain will come from their immediate manager and will be focused on concerns that are important to them.
    • Only a small percentage of the information will be ‘core’ items passed down from higher up in the organisation
  • Monitored – Managers at all levels will keep track of how team briefings are going by asking questions and attending them.
  • Comprehensive – Team briefings will cover everyone who works in the department
  • Concise – An average briefing should last no more than 30 minutes, including time for questions
  • Quick – In most cases, the information will pass from Directors, through the management chain and to all staff within 72 hours (3 working days).
  • Two way:
    • Team briefings are not an alternative form of consultation – they are a method for passing information.
    • Questions and comments arising from briefings will be fed back up to the relevant level
    • Answers to questions that could not be addressed in briefings will be given later, but should absolutely be addressed.

Briefings are essential for team building in an agency. It is a time where the team can come together and understand what the objectives are, how they have performed in the past as well as any queries they may have.

How are you finding conducting your briefings?


  • ✅ Ensure all team members are present for regular team briefings to stay on top of projects and build a cohesive team.
  • ✅ Be prepared and a good listener to make team briefings effective.
  • ✅ Successful team briefings result in less misunderstanding, up-to-date staff, policy changes communicated, and quashed rumors.
  • ✅ Core characteristics of team briefings include being relevant, monitored, comprehensive, concise, quick, and two-way.
  • ✅ Briefings are essential for team building in digital marketing agencies and should cover objectives, past performance, and any queries.

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