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Leadership & Management TrainingUnleashing Leadership Potential: A Journey of Mastery and Growth

About the training…


Leadership is more than just a title or a position within an organisation. It’s a skill, a mindset, and a toolkit that empowers individuals to truly guide their teams towards success.

Our Leadership and Management Training is designed to help your leaders unlock their full potential, equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to drive your business forward.

The Power of Effective Leadership


Our training course is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about fostering transformation. We delve into the core processes and concepts of leadership and management, focusing on impactful strategies for giving and receiving feedback.

The skills your leaders will acquire are designed to create a ripple effect, enhancing the performance of entire teams and allowing you to concentrate on growing your company.

The Outcomes: Tangible and Transformative


With our training, your leaders will gain the confidence and competence to lead your teams effectively.

They’ll learn how to optimise staff utilisation and retention, delegate tasks more efficiently, and navigate challenging team situations with positive outcomes. The result? A more cohesive, productive, and resilient organisation.

The Training Programme

Our program covers the following areas…

Leadership Modules


  1. Transformational & Transactional Leadership
  2. Other Leadership Types
  3. Leadership Models – Situational & Traits
  4. Continuum
  5. Core Functions of Action-Centred Leadership
  6. Four Leadership Dimensions

Management Modules


  1. How to Delegate 
  2. Difference between Accountable vs. Responsible 
  3. Team Briefings 
  4. Critical Thinking (short version of the main training course)

Performance Management


  1. Maximising Team Performance 
  2. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team 
  3. Factors to Assess when Measuring Team Performance 
  4. Tips for Giving Performance Feedback 
  5. Managing Team Expectations 
  6. Storming to Performing 


Time Management


  1. Rocks! 
  2. Tips for Managing Your Time



12 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions over 3-months (usually 1 session per week) = £2,000 + vat

12 x 1-hour 3:1 sessions over 3-months (usually 1 session per week) = £2,500 + vat

All training sessions include a Business Leader “Cheat Sheet” and 30 minute call so that you know what to look changes to be looking for in your teams.

What to Expect


You’ll leave our training with practical applications and insights to enhance your account management skills. You’ll be equipped to impress your clients, wow your boss, and achieve greater work satisfaction. Cheat sheets and training notes will be provided after the session.

Ready to accelerate your team’s leadership skills?

Who benefits from this training?


Our training benefits every member of your business. Executives will feel better led and managed, understanding their role within the organisation. Managers will gain insights into how to make their teams more effective. Leaders will become the glue that binds everything together, steering your company in the right direction.

Ready to boss account management in your business?

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