Leadership and Management Training

Leadership isn't just a seniority level, it's a skill that leaders need to learn...

Leadership is not just a seniority level in an agency, it’s a mindset and toolkit that helps your leaders really lead your team to success. Getting the most out of your team requires your leaders to learn new concepts, skills, and processes that few agency leaders ever do.

From leadership and management concepts to core processes that really make an impact when giving or receiving feedback, this training course builds skills that will make a tangible impact on entire teams, so that you can focus on building your agency.

1:1 & 3:1 Training outcomes...

  • Your leaders know the exact right way to actually lead your teams.
  • Better leadership skills aid in better staff utilisation and retention.
  • New management skills mean better delegation and delivery of tasks.
  • Your new leaders know how to handle difficult team situations with better outcomes.

Who benefits from this training...

Literally everyone in the agency! Execs feel that they are better led and managed, they know how they fit in your organisation, Managers understand how their teams can operate in the most effective ways and Leaders tie everything together, driving your agency in the right direction.

Each training session will include “homework” whereby the leader will be required to show their new skills within the organisation to evidence their learning as the programme progresses. Each session will build a Leadership Wiki document which the training leader will keep as a reference for their future work.

The training programme...

This frames all future training sessions, ensuring maximum attention and awareness of the overarching outcomes.

A series of sessions including:

  1. How to Delegate 
  2. Difference between Accountable vs. Responsible 
  3. Team Briefings 
  4. Critical Thinking (short version of the main training course)

A series of sessions including:

  1. Maximising Team Performance 
  2. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team 
  3. Factors to Assess when Measuring Team Performance 
  4. Tips for Giving Performance Feedback 
  5. Managing Team Expectations 
  6. Storming to Performing 

A series of sessions including:

  1. Rocks! 
  2. Tips for Managing Your Time


    • 12 x 1-hour 1:1 sessions over 3-months (usually 1 session per week) = £2,000 + vat
    • 12 x 1-hour 3:1 sessions over 3-months (usually 1 session per week) = £2,500 + vat

    All sessions are delivered via video call.

    The maximum group size is 3 per course as sessions are less likely to be missed, are easier internally for you or the team to organise, and for me to ensure personalisation/tailoring of session content.

All training sessions include an Agency Leader “Cheat Sheet” and 30 minute call so that you know what to look changes to be looking for in your teams.

What can you expect from this training...

You’ll not just notice better-leading people, but you’ll see better communication and general effectiveness across the board. 

  • Better, more meaningful discussions with your team as they are lead effectively.
  • Less time spent having difficult feedback sessions with difficult team members as your new leaders take control.
  • Happier, more empowered staff who know that they can trust everyone is pulling in the right direction.
  • More driven and focused leaders who know their role well and encourage growth within your teams.
  • Longer serving team members who are happier and more effective due to real leadership.