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Master Critical ThinkingUnlock Your Team's Potential with Critical Thinking Training

About the training…


Our program focuses on enhancing your critical thinking skills, empowering you to dissect complex situations, understand the nuances of client needs, and make strategic decisions that benefit both your company and your clients. We delve into the art of balancing assertiveness with empathy, ensuring that you maintain fruitful relationships while driving your projects forward.

What You Can Expect from Our Training


Our training helps your team transcend process thinking and deliver more thoughtful work. By understanding the ‘why’ and ‘what next’, your team can plan and utilise their time more effectively.

Moreover, understanding the purpose of a task leads to greater engagement and care. Critical thinking enables better internal challenging of ideas without jeopardising relationships.

Who Benefits from This Training


Everyone within the business stands to benefit!

Executives gain confidence in decision-making, managers trust their teams more and appreciate being challenged, leaders witness improved output from their teams which reduces client turnover, and clients receive superior deliverables with more thoughtful communication.

The Training Program


Our program is designed to maximise attention and awareness of the training’s overarching outcomes. It begins with a freeform discussion where the team starts to consider their daily workload from a perspective of importance versus urgency. We then provide an overview of what critical thinking is and how it works, opening their eyes to the power of this skill.

We set a mental framework that allows team members to challenge ideas, tasks, and each other properly. We emphasise the importance of ‘why’ when it comes to challenging people to get the best from each other, driving confidence to actually do it. We provide examples of how to challenge each other, followed by a freeform conversation to take examples from the room.



Our half-day session for up to 10 people is priced at £2,000 + VAT, and for 10 – 15 people, it’s £2,500 + VAT.

We prefer in-person sessions with any pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses outside of London, but we can also conduct sessions over Teams/Zoom if in-person is not available.

All training sessions include a Business Leader “Cheat Sheet” and a 30-minute call so that you know what changes to look for in your teams.

The Impact of Our Training


Our training leads to real and more thoroughly considered challenges to ideas, tasks, and processes from your team.

It results in less time spent catching up on missed work as the team considers the knock-on impact of their work. Your team will feel happier and more empowered, knowing that they can trust everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Clients will be less frustrated as they get what they need and are communicated to in a better way, reducing churn. There will be less wasted spend on activities that need re-doing or outsourcing

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