Critical Thinking Training

Get more from your team with enhanced thinking...

Critical Thinking is a skill that can unlock much more from your team. Systems and processes minimise operational issues but can often constrain creativity and limit the change an agency may need.

Systems, processes, and operational training solve the HOW part of delivering services but a team with excellent critical thinking skills ensures that the WHY and WHAT NEXT that an agency really needs are a part of their toolset.

Critical Thinking is the superpower that unlocks better creativity, transparency, and trust within a team, allowing better inter-team challenging that drives real change.

Training outcomes...

  • Your team go beyond the process thinking and deliver more considered work.
  • Understanding the WHY and WHAT NEXT ensures better time planning and utilisation.
  • Thinking through the WHY of a task means more buy-in and care.
  • Critical Thinking allows better internal challenging of ideas without risking relationships.

Who benefits from this training...

Literally everyone in the agency! Execs feel more confident in making decisions, Managers trust their team and enjoy being challenged more, Leaders see better output from their team which reduces client churn, and Clients get better deliverables with more considered communication.

“The critical thinking workshop with Chris opened our marketing and communication team’s minds to new ways of working and reminded them of the fundamentals – what, where, and why. As such, we have collaborated more effectively and efficiently within our department and the wider organisation.”

– Charlie Anderson – Marketing and Communications Manager CIMSPA

Critical Thinking Training Session 3
Critical Thinking Training Session 3

The training programme...

This frames the session, ensuring maximum attention and awareness of the overarching outcomes of the training.



A freeform discussion where the team starts thinking about their daily workload from a perspective of importance versus urgency.

An overview of what Critical Thinking actually is and how it works. This starts opening their eyes to the power of the skill.

This frames the skill in a professional and personal setting to add deeper context to a new concept.

Setting the mental framework that will allow team members to challenge ideas, tasks, and each other properly.

Driving home the WHY when it comes to challenging people to get the best from each other to drive confidence to actually do it.

Prepared examples of how to challenge each other followed by a freeform conversation to take examples from the room.

With the new Challenging and Critical Thinking concepts freshly locked in, we then circle back to Importance and Urgency.

Example and agency realistic examples of where in the matrix you’d determine a task should sit, knowing you can challenge a decision with new Critical Thinking powers.



A rundown of the new concepts and skills learned with a reminder of the expectations from the agency leaders going forward.


  • 1/2 day session for up to 10 people = £2,000 + vat
  • 1/2 day session for 10 – 15 people = £2,500 + vat

Ideally in-person with any pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses outside of London.

Over Teams/Zoom if in-person is not available.

All training sessions include an Agency Leader “Cheat Sheet” and 30 minute call so that you know what to look changes to be looking for in your teams.

What can you expect from this training...

  • REAL and more fully considered challenges to ideas, tasks and processes when they come from your team.
  • Less time spent on catching up on missed work where the team consider the knock-on impact of their work.
  • Happier, more empowered staff who know that they can trust everyone is pulling in the right direction.
  • Less frustrated clients where they get what they need and are communicated to in a better way, reducing churn.
  • Less wasted spend on activities that need re-doing or outsourcing due to limited resources.