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Judith Germain
Agency Advisor

For over 25 years, Judith has specialised in creating clear thinking, decisive leaders so that organisations and business owners can thrive in complex and uncertain times.

She is an author, a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, and the Leading Authority in Maverick Leadership.

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Her expert opinion has been sought by BBC Radio, national and trade press, and she founded and edits a popular online business magazine for the pathologically curious. In addition, she hosts a long-established podcast for business owners and leaders.

Judith wows her clients with her ability to Strategise, Innovate and Execute, enabling them to grow their business and leadership capability and execution. She takes a Maverick approach, cutting to the heart of the problem and designing the best solution to resolve the challenges facing the business owner or leadership team.

A recognised C-Suite and Business Mentor, leadership consultant and trainer, she is not confined to advocating a one size fits all approach, preferring to size the solution to the client rather than the other way round!

This may mean, for example, she provides strategic mentoring, training or consultancy for your agency, helps you discover how you make and amplify your best impact (individually or collectively), or is your sounding board and helps you turn ideas into action. Judith will help you find and utilise your Core or Leadership Identity™.



  • Business Mentoring
  • Leadership Mentoring, Coaching, Consultancy
  • Strategic Sounding Board
  • Improving Diversity Impact
  • Enhancing Leadership Capability and Execution
  • Enabling Effective Business Change
  • Maverick Mentoring



Working with a Mentor, consultant, and trainer, experienced with working with business owners and leadership teams to improve and amplify capability, enables a perspective that has strategy, innovation and execution at the core. The ability to define and execute strategy, discover new ways of thinking, and gain insight from an experienced mentor can make the difference you are looking for.

With leadership mentoring, consulting or training, you will have aligned and clear thinking, decisive leaders, and improved impact and influence as a business and/or leadership team.

Business mentoring or consulting enables you to have a business focused on the client and distinctive in your marketplace to attract and retain the right clients.

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