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Freia Muehlenbein
Agency Advisor

Freia is an agency consultant and advises digital, marketing, and creative agencies on how to remove barriers and move into the next phase of growth.

She specialises in strategy delivery, change management, operations, and leadership and works with agency owners and senior leaders to help them shape their strategic plans and move them out of the boardroom and into the agency.

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Freia loves problem-solving and solution finding and seeing changes through to the implementation of positive, embedded ways of operating.

Previous to her role as a consultant, she worked agency-side for 12 years and was responsible for delivering the strategy and change programs for one of the most successful 150-strong digital marketing agencies in the UK. She worked with the Board and senior leadership team to translate the agency vision and targets into workable initiatives and implement changes across sales, marketing, people, operations, and client services. Her work directly impacted EBITDA, client growth, pitch close rates, revenue, and staff satisfaction. Earlier in her career, she scaled a digital content and online PR department from 0-100 people. Over seven years, she diversified the offering various times, restructured teams, won pitches with some of the most recognisable brands, and shaped all operations to maintain healthy margins and happy teams.

Freia is a qualified Agile Change Manager with APMG International, a Mental Health First Aider, and experienced manager, and understands how to deliver change with a human-centric approach.



  • Agency strategy delivery
  • Operations, processes, efficiencies
  • Management, leadership, team design
  • Change management
  • Sales process and pitch



  • Clearly defined agency growth plans
  • A clear process for strategy delivery, with agreed routines and levels of accountability
  • Efficient operations with healthy profit margins
  • Clearly defined client processes, improved client retention and growth
  • Strong leadership and teams, with the right people in the right roles
  • Solid plans to deliver strategic changes with buy-in from teams
  • Improved pitch close rates

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