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Anna Marsden
Agency Advisor

Anna has been teaching, training and professional speaking for 20 years.

She co-founded award-winning digital marketing agency Luminescence Communications in 2012.

Combining her role as an agency executive with client-side engagement, working within multi-disciplinary marketing teams, Anna understands leadership expectations in the dynamic agency space.

Founding Luminescence as a remote-by-design workforce back in 2012, Anna has deep experiential knowledge of managing and leading remote teams.

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Drawing from the latest in neuroscience and behavioural insights, Anna’s focus is on empowering people within agencies to deliver impactful business outcomes through a range of communications tools. With this approach, she has achieved a 900%+ ROI for clients.

She is part of the elite training team for the Fellows at The Royal Academy of Engineers and The Royal Society of Edinburgh. Informed by a neuroscience-backed internationally recognised psychometric tool (Emergenetics certified), Anna designs and delivers Marketing and Digital Marketing training to these highly selective cohorts. She also delivered The British Library’s Start Up in London project, supporting and coaching entrepreneurs with their value proposition and business model canvas to grow their burgeoning businesses.

Additionally, Anna provides training via a range of HR teams across different sectors, including Top 50 international law firms, University of Cambridge colleges and an $87trn financial market infrastructure firm. Her passion for diversity and inclusion within organisations was rewarded by her Coton Metzger LGBTQ+ scholarship at San Diego State University. She works with HR diversity & inclusion (D&I) professionals to provide LGBTQ+ Awareness Training to create more compassionate and functional teams.



  • Business Strategy & Execution
  • Supporting Leaders Through Change
  • Applied Psychometrics, Building Cohesive Teams
  • Diversity & Inclusion Creating Functional Teams



Working with a coach with the experience of having started, scaled & run an agency, brings the perspective and challenge required for success.

  • Clarity of agency direction with a blueprint for growth
  • Removing communication barriers to streamline team-working
  • Positioning the right people in the right roles (recruitment and development)
  • Creating strength-driven teams motivated for shared success
  • Compassionate, productive teams thriving in hybrid workplaces

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