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Workplace StrengthsUnleashing Potential: A Journey to Workplace Excellence with OMG Center

About the training…


Take a transformative journey where we unlock the power of your team’s unique strengths. Imagine a world where your team is a harmonious unit, built on trust, superior communication, and a spirit of collaboration. If you’ve ever pondered:

  • How can I ignite my motivation, making work not just easier but truly enjoyable?
  • How can I re-energize my team, enabling them to leverage their unique strengths?
  • How can I harness my own strengths to become more dynamic and effective?

Then this course is your answer.

In this engaging session, we utilise the Emergenetics® profiling system to delve into our strengths and learn how to implement a strengths-based approach for personal and team development. Research indicates that enhancing your team’s self-awareness, particularly around their strengths, can significantly boost their engagement with each other and their effectiveness with clients.

What You’ll Gain from Our Program


  • Develop the ability to align tasks with your own and others’ cognitive and behavioural strengths
  • Foster appreciation for all team members, leading to reduced team conflict
  • Enhance employee engagement and effectiveness with clients
  • Cultivate greater awareness to navigate change during transitional periods

Who Benefits from This Training


Every leader, particularly those new to leadership roles and those leading managers.

The Training Program


This session is designed to be highly interactive and includes:

  • Kick-off: Strengths-spotting exercise (Strength Finder tool)
  • Introduction to Emergenetics®
  • Participants review their reports individually, answering reflection questions
  • Deep dive into your strengths, how to apply them in your role, how to use them more effectively
  • Small group exercise to generate practical ideas regarding how to use the strengths-based approach with their own teams (with and without using the Emergenetics® reports)
  • Understanding the concept of WeTeam®
  • Awareness of performance risks and strategies to mitigate these
  • Feedback in large group, with tutors providing further input, ideas and tools on where, when and how to utilise strengths-based approaches



1-day course for up to 10 people – £3,250 +VAT.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete the Emergenetics® profile.

What to Expect


  • It will be engaging and interactive
  • Be ready to share and collaborate
  • Be prepared to learn about yourself

Follow-ups or Additional Bits:


You’ll receive notes from the day, resources, advice, and individual feedback, as well as your complete Emergenetics® profile.

This profile will equip you with insights about yourself, your default thinking and behavioural preferences, and how these work together. You will also receive a personalised handout about your own interaction strategies, communication strategies, and leadership styles.

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