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Self-Awareness Training for LeadersYour Key to Accelerated Growth

About the training…


We believe that understanding oneself is the first step towards becoming an effective leader. As part of our semi-bespoke acceleration program, we offer this training to help you unlock your full potential and accelerate your business’s growth.

Why Self-Awareness Matters


Imagine the transformation that can occur when a leader is self-aware, appreciative of diverse perspectives, and conscious of their strengths and blind spots.

Self-awareness is a cornerstone of emotional intelligence and a critical attribute of exceptional leaders. It’s not just about making better decisions or setting priorities more effectively; it’s about understanding how your values, personality, and emotions influence your actions and those of others.

Who Benefits from This Training


This program is designed for account managers who are ready to take their skills to the next level.

Whether you’re new to the role or an experienced professional, you’ll find value in our tailored approach.

The Training Program


Our program includes:

  • Group work to identify your personal values and their impact on your leadership style
  • Johari’s Window exercise for self-awareness and self-communication
  • Techniques to leverage your strengths and emotional intelligence effectively
  • Understanding your OCEAN profile, a tool that measures five major dimensions of personality: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism
  • Exploring the concept of Intent versus Impact for improved communication



This one-day course is available for up to 15 people at £2,000 +VAT.

We can conduct the training in-person (with any pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses outside of London) or over Teams/Zoom if in-person is not feasible.

Participants will complete several online profiles prior to the workshop and bring the results on the day.

What to Expect


Leave with practical applications and insights to enhance your team’s skills, wow your client, impress your boss and achieve greater work satisfaction.

What You’ll Gain from this training…


In this session, we’ll use a variety of tools to explore your emotional intelligence, strengths, and personality traits. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Insight into how others perceive you and identification of potential blind spots
  • A deeper understanding of your personal values, strengths, and motivations, and how these relate to managing others
  • Enhanced self-control and situational awareness
  • Understanding of your OCEAN profile and its implications in the workplace

Ready to know thyself in your business?

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