Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

Speak like a boss, present like a hero...

Imagine you’ve landed the opportunity to pitch for that 6-figure campaign from your ideal client. You’d better have the confidence to present your knock-out ideas.

Learn and practice the key elements of winning over your crowd, motivating people and informing them into (your desired) action.

Speaking in front of people can be hard. Whether in front of a screen or a room full of people, you’ll need the tools to create concise and engaging material. On top of that you’ll want to deliver it in a way that looks confident, grabs your audience’s attention and keeps it until the very end.

This training can be a one-day or two-day advanced affair to help you deliver that knock-out pitch or keynote.

Who benefits from this training...

Aimed at anyone who wants to improve their spoken communication, particularly for presentations and pitches.

The training programme...

  • Introduction: format and objectives for the day
  • Understanding the difference between public speaking and presenting.
  • Learning about nerves, how to control them and harness their power
  • Structure and Planning: creating effective and memorable content
  • Content: techniques for creating and editing concise material using storytelling
  • Visuals: how to use slides for maximum effect without relying on them
  • Delivery: managing ourself, the crowd and handling questions
  • Practice Showcases
  • Supportive feedback and helpful learning to wrap up

For those who present regularly and want to enhance their already competent skills. The 2nd day is added to the original 1-day training and is highly interactive, with research in psychology to get the most out of you and your audience.

We use practical exercises to enhance key skills whilst building confidence within a supportive environment.

Each attendee brings a 5-minute presentation on any subject they like, in the form of simple notes (and visuals if they wish). They deliver this twice, each time enhancing it to be better and more knock-out!

Pricing and length...

  • 1-day course for up to 15 people – £2,000 +VAT

  • 2-day (advanced) course for up to 8 people £3,500 +VAT

Ideally in-person with any pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses outside of London.

Over Teams/Zoom if in-person is not available.

All training sessions include an Agency Leader “Cheat Sheet” and 30 minute call so that you know what to look changes to be looking for in your teams.

What can you expect from this training...

  • It will be fun and interactive
  • Know how to tackling nerves: proactively enhance confidence and perform at your best
  • You’ll acquire the skills and practice to convey confidence, authenticity and authority under pressure
  • Create, structure and bring to life effective and memorable content
  • Understand how to create rich concise material using visuals to tell a story
  • Develop useful prompts to depend on during your presentation

Follow-ups or additional bits

You’ll receive notes from the day, resources, advice and individual feedback.