Account Management Skills Training

Great account management keeps clients happy and smashes inefficiency in the face...

As an account manager you have to be a multi-tasking extraordinaire! You’re constantly solving problems, managing internal and external communications, and driving projects to completion. In addition, you’re responsible for nurturing, growing and retaining valuable agency relationships.

In this course you’ll learn the essential skills you’ll need to hone, and how to hone them, to ensure you meet both your agency needs and your client’s needs.

Training outcomes...

  • Stop, Wait, Listen! You’ll be able to use your active listening to interpret the clients’ needs better and wants
  • You’ll also know how to use clarifying questions to understand the detailed brief for each campaign
  • You’ll know what to report to your client, and your manager
  • Time Management tips and tools to help you keep on top of your workload

Who benefits from this training...

This training is for anyone who manages a client account, whether you’re a new account manager or yet to make the leap.

The training programme...

  • How to build knowledge and relationships that support you and your agency
  • Understanding the foundations of Key Account Management
  • Data Management – what to know and who to share it with
  • Reporting on client’s campaign objectives
  • Time Management – and how to never miss a deadline
  • Practical organisational skills using digital tools
  • Practising: Active listening – understanding your client’s brief and ongoing needs
  • Practising: Asking good questions – to get better answers
  • Flexing and adapting to the changing needs of your client and your agency


  • 1 Day course for up to 15 people – £2,000 +VA

Ideally, in-person with any pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses outside of London.

Over Teams/Zoom if in-person is not available.

All training sessions include an Agency Leader “Cheat Sheet” and 30 minute call so that you know what to look changes to be looking for in your teams.

What can you expect from this training...

Leave with practical applications and insights to enhance your account management skills, wow your client, impress your boss and achieve greater work satisfaction.

Follow ups or additional bits

Cheat sheets and training notes will follow the session.