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OMG Software PartnersAccelerate Your Business's Growth with Our Trusted Software Partners

Empower Your Business with Our Software Partners…


Our software partners are committed to supporting your comapny’s growth at every stage. They offer exclusive discounts and free access to their tools and services, helping you stay ahead of the curve.

From foundational tools like rank trackers and email software to advanced platforms used by industry leaders, our partners are here to supercharge your service offering.

Content Strategy Toolset


Accelerate Your Content Strategy With Keyword Clustering And AI Driven Content Brief Generation. Starting with a seed keyword, you’re able to generate hundreds of related keywords, cluster them and then produce incredibly detailed content briefs effortlessly and without leaving our platform. Trusted by global agencies and brands.

Key Features:

  • Keyword Discovery
  • Keyword Clustering
  • Keyword Context
  • Content Brief Generation

Custom-priced packages available to OMG customers – up to 20% off advertised prices. 

Keyword Intent Research


Enter any query or question and instantly see what Google considers the closest intent-proximity searches, in any country, from live “People Also Asked” data.

Features include:

  • Visually map topics with generated graphs
  • Export questions, answers, URLs, and intent maps in CSV format
  • Bulk upload queries to get up to 25,000 questions per CSV
  • Available for all Google-supported countries and languages
  • Cancel anytime monthly subscription

Use code OMGCOM10 for a lifetime 10% discount.

Epic SEO Tech Auditing Crawler


Sitebulb is a website auditing tool that provides comprehensive crawl analysis and presents recommendations that guide your audit workflow with intuitive next-steps, from investigation to reporting.

Every issue identified by Sitebulb is assigned a priority rating and allows you to drill-down into the detail behind it. To help you fully understand the issues and have confidence in your recommendations, each one is accompanied by client friendly, in-depth explanations of what it means, why it’s considered an issue, and the actions you need to take.

Sitebulb is a great fit for Digital Agencies that regularly carry out website audits and need to communicate recommendations and actions to their clients.

OMG community members can access a fully featured 60-day free trial of Sitebulb, by clicking the button on the right and signing up from the landing page.

Run Your Business With A SMART Integrated Business System…


MySalesMachine joins all aspects of your business operations together in one simple to operate system. From prospect enquiry through the sales process to delivery and invoicing. One simple to use, web based system takes all the hassle out of your company.

This system has recently been upgraded in conjunction with OMG Center to include both regular monthly billings and one-off requests typical of service business work.

MySalesMachine has all the advantages of being standard software but is also configurable to your precise needs. Implementation times are fast and the return on investment can be measured in months for most clients.

Quality Analytics and Reporting


AgencyAnalytics is a growth platform built to help marketing agencies automate client reporting. The user-friendly platform saves time, improves reporting processes, and impresses clients with insightful reports and live, customizable marketing dashboards and reports. Trusted by over 6,000 agencies, this all-in-one reporting solution offers a remarkable set of features to showcase your agency’s full value:

  • Seamless Integrations: Connect with over 75 leading marketing tools to track and report on SEO, PPC, Call Tracking, Social Media, Email Marketing, Ecommerce, Local Campaigns, and more—to bring all of your clients metrics together in a comprehensive, fully white-labeled reporting platform.
  • Robust SEO Tools: Unleash the full potential of your SEO efforts with a suite of powerful tools. Stay ahead of the competition by tracking rankings daily, monitoring backlinks, performing technical SEO audits, and optimizing your strategies for maximum impact.
  • Simple & Flexible Pricing: Pricing plans are designed to accommodate agencies at every stage of growth. And the best part?

Try the platform risk-free for 14 days, with no credit card required.

Scale your agency, retain clients with ease, and elevate your marketing analytics and reporting to new heights with AgencyAnalytics

Start your free trial today!

Master SEO research and tracking…


SE Ranking provides a comprehensive suite of SEO tools within an intuitive interface, designed to support digital marketing agencies with their SEO needs.

The platform is equipped to track rankings, backlinks, and organic traffic, providing critical data on website performance and competitive landscape. This information aids in the formulation and execution of efficient and precise SEO strategies.

SE Ranking’s functionalities extend to comprehensive site audits, keyword suggestions, backlink monitoring, AI content writing, and automated reporting. Additional features such as White Label and Marketing Plan also add value, enhancing the quality and scope of your agency’s services.

A notable advantage of SE Ranking is its cost-effective user seats, making it an economical choice for agencies. The platform is backed by dedicated HQ support, ensuring you have expert assistance when required. SE Ranking stands as a reliable, professional tool in the SEO industry that can positively impact your agency’s performance and client satisfaction

Ad Optimisation Platform…


Diginius is a London-based SaaS technology company specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. We provide automated technology including advertising management software that monitors, measures and reports results across digital performance, delivering visibility and transparency for all.

And as Microsoft’s Global Channel Partner of the Year 2022, we are currently supporting 500+ agencies worldwide to drive and grow their performance across Microsoft Ads as part of the Diginius Partner Program.

Sharpen your page one search insights…


Going beyond rank tracking, SERPsketch monitors the amount of space a brand occupies on page one for its keywords. It shows the share of space for competitors, partners and others too, and quantifies the space that each SERP feature takes up as a share of page one. View the features that appear on page one for an entire keyword set, or delve deeper and view a page one visualisation for each keyword.

SERPsketch also provides in depth question (people also asked) and Related Search data, showing the questions and searches that have appeared on page one, and how many times, for any of the keywords in a keyword set.

With these page one focused insights, agencies sharpen SEO strategies for clients, focusing on winning the features, space and content that really matters.

Get a free month’s trial and, after trial, OMG members can get a 10% discount using the code OMGOFFER10.

AI Account management tool…


Kaizan’s Client Engagement Platform uses conversation intelligence to help professional service organisations measure client health risks and opportunities, and guides CS teams on how to scale clients faster. Sign up for the private beta via the link.

Easily show the impact of your work…


SEOTesting hooks up to Google Search Console to bring insights and actionable data to your agency team. It can help you spot new opportunities, report on how page-specific changes have performed, and run experiments to figure out what gives the best return on investment.

Pre-configured reports and easy access to first-party SEO data means your team spends less time in spreadsheets and manipulating data, and more time on strategic work that’ll help the client’s organic SEO performance.

Tie your work and SEO performance to overall client goals with

60 Day Trial for the OMG Community.

End-to-end web build platform your agency needs…


Wix Studio is an end-to-end platform for agencies and enterprises to create, develop and manage exceptional sites with hyper-efficiency. Websites built with Wix Studio share the same industry-leading infrastructure and SEO tools as Wix – the go-to creation platform complete with a full suite of built-in tools for self-creators and business owners looking to build, manage and grow an online presence.

Both platforms empower SEOs and marketers to deliver outstanding work—at speed, with best-in-class SEO defaults and automations, native integrations, smart tools and cutting-edge AI.

Digital PR and Link Building Reporting Software Built For You…


Discover the transformative power of Coveragely, a comprehensive tool designed to create professional and customizable coverage books. Tailored to meet the needs of digital agencies, Coveragely offers an intuitive platform where you can seamlessly share your work with clients and stakeholders. With Majestic and Moz data integrated into the system, you’ll have access to a wealth of SEO and link data at your fingertips, enhancing your ability to make data-driven decisions and strategies.

But that’s not all. Coveragely also includes link monitoring as a standard feature, ensuring you stay updated on the status of your links in real time. This proactive approach to link management helps you maintain the health of your backlink profile, a critical aspect of SEO.

AMPLIFY Your websites IMPACT and Elevate CLIENT RESULTS…


Dive into the dynamic capabilities of Query Hunter, the ultimate tool engineered for businesses aiming to refine their content strategy. Crafted to cater to the unique demands of the digital landscape, Query Hunter presents a streamlined interface, enabling agencies to effortlessly optimize content and uncover hidden traffic opportunities. With real-time data from Google Search Console integrated, you’re empowered with actionable insights, ensuring your strategies are always data-informed. Get 25% off with code “QHLOVERS25”


🔍 – Discover Hidden Traffic Opportunities: Find underserved queries that you might not have mentioned in your content but are still getting impressions for.

📈 – Elevate Your Rankings: Identify search terms that your site ranks on page 2 for and bump them up to page 1.

⚡️ – Instant FAQ Discovery: With the Questions Tab, Query Hunter identifies questions your users are asking on Google.

✏️ – Content Genie: This feature auto-generates content that mentions your under-served queries, allowing you to amplify your content creation for SEO.

💪 – Quick and Easy Onboarding: The onboarding and installation process is straightforward and takes approximately 30 seconds. Once signed up, you can easily connect Google Search Console, install the Chrome Extension or WordPress Plugin, and you’re all set!

But there’s more. Query Hunter’s innovative Content Genie feature revolutionizes content creation, allowing you to address underserved queries and boost SEO efforts. Stay ahead of the curve, optimise with precision, and deliver unparalleled results with Query Hunter.

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