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Because, sometimes, the boring stuff can actually save an agency! Be smart!

Our legal partners know how to help set up and manage your agency’s legal elements. Making sure you, your clients and your team are protected. As time passes, and your agency grows, you’ll be glad you had took legal advice.

Get your accountancy and wealth planning sorted!

Clyde & Co - (Formerly BLM Law)

Clyde & Co’s Creative, Digital & Marketing Team led by Partner Steve Kuncewicz (a co-founder of the Bulletproof Agency Network) has been supporting agencies and clients that buy from them for nearly twenty years, combining technical knowledge of an evolving regulatory and wider legal environment with hands-on experience and a relentlessly commercial approach tailored to ensure that its clients continue to thrive both now and with an eye on the future.

Services/Products Offered:

  • Corporate Advice – Incorporation, Shareholder Agreements, EMI Schemes, Investment Advice and M&A
  • Commercial Advice – All commercial contracts, including MSAs, IP licences, website terms, NDAs
  • IP Advice – Exploitation & dispute resolution
  • Media Advice – Campaign, advertising and content clearance
  • Data Protection & Privacy – Compliance advice and breach response

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