OMG Agency Office Hours…

Got a question? Niggle? Need to sense check a decision or idea? THIS is what you’re looking for!

  • Are you working on something and need to run it past someone who’s been there?
  • Do you have a team issue that you want a different perspective on?
  • Is there something you keep banging your head against the wall with?
  • Well, now you can book in a call with someone who will listen and be able to help you, with no drama. 

Impartial, and always honest, bookable office hours are a click (or 5) away!

This is...

An advice line where you can ask people who’ve been where you are, anything you need, so that you can grow your Digital Agency.

So that, you can de-risk, get a calm voice in the room, hold up a mirror to your ideas and get what you need in order to push forward.

All calls are delivered by Chris Simmance, a past multiple agency owner!

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What others have said…

Building leaders in an agency is no easy task. Working with Chris at the OMG center was invaluable to building critical thinking and leadership mindsets into our management team. Highly recommended.
Chris is a phenomenal person. His help on my Agency exit to SaaS launch has been invaluable. He’s entrenched himself in Agency life and understands the challenges of managing the intricacies of this business model. OMG is a natural progression of Chris expanding his passion and inviting others to journey with him in this collaborative space.
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Chris is always my first port of call when i'm struggling to make an important time sensitive decision, or just having a general nightmare of a week! One call with the OMG Center is all I need to get my thoughts out in the open, prioritise and put together a solid plan for moving for forwards. Always clear and actionable advice provided and much needed when trying to organise everything on my own
I wish I knew a long time ago what I know now because it would have meant that I could have brought Chris on board a lot earlier and saved myself a lot of wasted time and money! If you are looking to grow your business with someone who on a personal level is a really great guy and on a business level is truly exceptional and WILL transform your business, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Chris. You will not be disappointed!
David Khan