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After joining please do make the very most of the space. Introduce yourself.

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✅ Be nice to each other, we’re all working hard, and there are no stupid questions. Ask for help, and help each other. Simple.

✅ Promote your events and wins, but don’t make it a spam-fest of promotional stuff. Most of you sell the same services.

Spam = bans, sorry.

Next Steps


👉 Complete your profile and make sure you’re setting up how you want notifications to work for you

👉 Head to the #welcomes channel and introduce yourself, share a link to your agency or socials

👉 Check out the events feed for things going on, both OMG and peer-run

👉 If you want any free 1:1 support, send a DM to Chris Simmance and either he, or one of the great OMG coaches will gladly help out.

How to make this place amazing


⭐️ Share your wins, successes, losses, issues and moans in the #general channel. We are all experiencing, or have experienced, the same 💩

⭐️ Ask your peers for support, and provide support to your peers all in the #peer-support channel

⭐️ DM @Chris Simmance with your improvement ideas if you have them

⭐️ We all love a good (tasteful) meme or joke; add that to the #random channel

⭐️ Add any links and details of events you are attending, speaking, or running in the #events channel (online and IRL)