Dave Betts

Dave is an entrepreneur & business leader with a real appetite for life.

Dave’s passion is helping people turn Vision, Purpose, and Mission into reality, successfully taking many startups from an idea through the various stages of growth through to final sale.

Dave’s last venture, EnergyDrive, has become a global player in the energy optimisation space employing over 100 people throughout South Africa, the UK & the EU.

Dave is an expert in creating a culture for growth, and challenge, by working with teams he helps develop a clear blueprint for scaling, underpinned by developing a climate of high trust through authentic leadership.

Dave has 30 years of coaching and mentoring individuals and teams and is trained in CBT (Cognitive, Behavioral, Therapy) and Personality profiling, with tools such as Strengthsfinder, Myres Brigs and Enneagram.



It’s often not motivation that is required but clarity!

Working with a coach with the experience of having started, scaled & run companies, brings the perspective, and challenge that is required for success.

  • The right people in the right roles
  • Clarity of direction with a blueprint for growth
  • Personal growth and a clear development plan
  • Positioned for scaling