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Common Digital Agency People and Culture Questions and Answers

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Digital agencies are known for their fast-paced and dynamic work environments. Sometimes, they can even become overwhelming. But not when you take the right approach.

With an increasing demand for their services, agencies in this field need to have the right people and culture in place to thrive. Providing employees with the right tools, resources, and workplace guidelines can make all the difference to productivity and profitability.

But there are many different aspects of digital agencies to consider. In this guide, we will answer some common questions related to people and culture in digital agencies.


If you want to know how any industry works, looking at its hiring structure is a great place to start. The things recruiters look for, the platforms they use, and how the interview process gets structured all play a role in how people get hired into the digital realm.

  1. What qualities do digital agencies look for in candidates?

There are many different roles to play in a digital agency, but there are still some overlapping values. Digital agencies looking to hire will tend to seek out candidates with the following qualities:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • IT skills
  • Good communication
  • Self-motivation and critical thinking
  • Fast learners

Because the digital marketing industry is so fast-paced, agencies will often look for candidates with dynamic personalities and a wide range of adaptable skills.

  1. How do digital agencies assess a candidate’s fit with their culture?

Similar to other types of agencies or organisations, a digital agency is likely to assess potential candidates by looking at their experience with other companies and conducting in-person interviews. They also often want to see a portfolio of recent work.

A lot of digital agencies collaborate via digital platforms, so communicating via those can further help agencies determine whether candidates will be a good fit.

  1. What should candidates expect during the interview process?

Digital agency interviewees should expect to answer quite a few questions about their communication and collaboration skills, as that forms a big part of what these agencies do. They may also grill candidates on their knowledge of social media, current tech, and digital skills.


Past hiring, onboarding is the next part of digital agency culture to focus on. Onboarding strategies need to be tailored specifically to the industry at hand, which means that the process can look wildly different from sphere to sphere.

  1. What does the onboarding process typically look like in digital agencies?

Onboarding processes in digital agencies can be slightly more dynamic than other industries might ask for. While new hires are sure to be given access to enough tools and resources, they may be expected to prove their competency by adapting and learning on-the-go.

Digital agencies typically work on multiple projects at once, and often they require different skills. New hires will need to be able to fit into this agile type of workplace environment.

  1. How do digital agencies ensure new hires are integrated into the team?

Most digital agencies are highly collaborative places, thus creating many opportunities for social integration and communication. New hires may be included in multiple meetings, brainstorming sessions, and networking situations.

  1. What training opportunities are available for new hires?

This depends on the agency a new hire works at. But some of the most common training opportunities for recently onboarded professionals include data analytics, content creation, social media management, and contemporary marketing practices.

Company Culture

Company culture speaks to the values, social dynamics, communication structures, and overall atmosphere of a company (or in this case, an agency). So what questions tend to arise around the topic of digital agency company cultures? Let’s find out.

  1. How do digital agencies foster a positive work culture?

Digital agencies thrive best when there is plenty of healthy, open communication, and enough legroom for every skill department to flex their muscles.

A positive work culture is about showing respect to fellow employees, celebrating achievements, confronting conflicts with empathy, and being open to new ideas. In digital agency atmospheres, it is often also about nurturing creativity and promoting an agile approach to work.

  1. What are some common values and beliefs shared by digital agencies?

Digital agency values change from company to company, but there are nonetheless some consistencies across the board, such as:

  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Growth
  • Results
  • Creativity

Because digital agencies are in the business of helping brands actualise their identities and grow recognition, values and beliefs that pertain to inspiration and expansion are popular.

  1. How do digital agencies promote diversity and inclusion?

Digital agencies promote diversity and inclusion through the use of KPI (Key Performance Indicators), progress metrics, deep, ongoing research, and open dialogue between both junior and senior members of the organisation.

Work-Life Balance

Establishing work-life balance is key to helping employees cope with the pressures of both work and everyday life. A balanced lifestyle means better mental and physical health, less burnout, and a more sustainable business model.

  1. How do digital agencies ensure their employees have a good work-life balance?

One of the most significant ways that digital agencies promote work-life balance is through the provision of flexible working hours. As one of the industries that can still function fully remotely, employees can enjoy the privilege of choosing work hours on their own terms.

  1. What are some common practices that digital agencies use to promote work-life balance?

Many digital marketing agencies use team building and creativity-boosting practices to promote a more balanced approach to work, both in and out of the office.

These kinds of businesses thrive when there is strong collaborative energy behind the scenes. That can involve group brainstorming sessions and creative approaches to work structure.

  1. How do digital agencies address burnout and stress?

Burnout and stress are the reality in every work environment, and digital agencies are no different. But the remedy is the same: fair paid leave policies, easy access to mental health support, and training for management to identify and intervene when employees need help.

Have The Right Answers

Digital agencies rely on their people and culture to stay competitive and deliver quality services to clients. But amidst the chaos of it all, structure and control can be elusive.

By understanding the hiring, onboarding, culture, and work-life balance practices in digital agencies, both candidates and employees can make informed decisions about their careers.

  • 🏃‍♂️ Digital agencies are fast-paced, dynamic work environments that require the right tools and culture for success.
  • 💼 Hiring in digital agencies focuses on skills such as creative problem solving, teamwork, IT skills, communication, self-motivation, critical thinking, and adaptability.
  • 📑 Assessing a candidate’s fit involves considering their previous experience, conducting interviews, and evaluating their digital communication skills.
  • 🎙️ During the interview process, candidates should expect questions on their communication skills, teamwork, knowledge of social media, and digital skills.
  • 👋 Onboarding in digital agencies requires adaptability and ability to learn quickly, due to the multi-project and dynamic nature of the work.
  • 👥 New hires are integrated into teams through meetings, brainstorming sessions, and networking opportunities.
  • 🎓 Common training opportunities for new hires include data analytics, content creation, social media management, and contemporary marketing practices.
  • 🏢 Positive work culture in digital agencies is fostered through respect, celebration of achievements, conflict resolution, openness to ideas, creativity and agile work approach.
  • 🌐 Common values and beliefs in digital agencies include transparency, innovation, growth, results, and creativity.
  • 🌈 Digital agencies promote diversity and inclusion through KPIs, metrics, research, and open dialogue across all levels of the organization.
  • ⚖️ Work-life balance in digital agencies is supported through flexible work hours and the possibility of remote work.
  • 💡 Practices promoting work-life balance include team building, creativity-boosting activities, and fair work structures.
  • 🔥 Burnout and stress are addressed through fair paid leave policies, mental health support, and training for managers.
  • 💡 Understanding hiring, onboarding, culture, and work-life balance practices can help candidates and employees make informed career decisions.