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Sally Stevens
Agency Advisor

Sally partners with agencies to optimise their relationships, efficiency and profit through client servicing excellence.
With her collaborative approach, Sally supports agencies of all types and sizes to transform their client retention and gets excited when delving into the individual agency’s challenges to construct a tailored support programme.

She believes that each agency has its signature process, and combining this with an engaged and empowered team is when the magic truly happens.

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The unique insight that Sally can provide is not just theoretical, think of her as your agency’s ‘outside insider’. With her 15+ years of knowledge and insight from working with and inside agencies combined with her strategic work with agency founders, she’s perfectly placed to support growth and development throughout your team.

Sally has supported teams in transforming their client development resulting in significant additional revenue, delving into their strengths to optimise relationships and empowering individuals to thrive in their roles.

She’s here to bust the myth that you should have the knowledge to answer everyone’s questions and challenges. Sally will work with you to build on your agency’s existing knowledge, empowering your teams and retaining your most valued clients.



  • Account Management/Client Services
  • Team Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Client Development and Retention
  • Processes and Productivity



  • A strategy to retain and grow profitable clients
  • Develop an empowered and knowledgeable team that can focus on their craft whilst having commercial awareness
  • An understanding of how to optimise the various strengths of your team in order to maximise internal and client relationships
  • Efficiency across the agency from taking the brief to delivering exceptional work

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