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Nils Welham
Agency Advisor

Nils is a transition and mindset coach, an explorer, a listener, someone who doesn’t judge, likes a challenge and is cheeky.

Cheek aside, he knows that often mindset change is absolutely key to the success of a digital agency.

His focus drives this change with people.

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His journey of exploration has led him to live in four different countries and transition from a successful corporate job in the finance world to following his passion for coaching where he helps small business start-up founders.

Nils focuses on the founder’s who, and the internal factors (mindset, limiting beliefs, fears,…) to create their foundation of success so that they can transition and/or achieve their true potential.

Nils is ICF Certified and trained by iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) in the Energy leadership Framework. This is a proven methodology that helps leaders increase their productivity by 16%, financial success by 20%, overall energy by 20%, and much more. During his time at iPEC, he specialised in transitions.



  • Supporting founders through transitions
  • Overcoming fears, limiting beliefs, and any other inner blocks that are holding you back
  • Energy Leadership Index Certified – how to leverage your mindset to the fullest
  • Creating a crystal-clear vision



  • Creation of an unstoppable personal and business vision
  • Master your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Increase your self-belief and confidence
  • Start trusting your inner voice
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and fears
  • Build resilience and navigate change easily
  • Create a roadmap to success
  • Less chatter and more peace of mind

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