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Mat Bennett
Agency Advisor

Through his 25 years of digital career, Mat has developed a pragmatic problem-solving approach to leadership.

This has seen him survive and thrive through more than one cycle of dot-com boom and busts, technology shifts and world-changing events.

Mat’s journey in the world of digital agencies has been nothing short of transformational.


More about Mat…


Mat reinvented his agency as a productized business before selling to a US SAAS startup in 2021.

Mat now works with agency leaders to pinpoint the cause of the real issues keeping them from their goals. He helps them uncover practical solutions, and most critically supports and guides them to see those solutions delivered.



  • Readying An Agency for Sale
  • Inbound Sales Generation
  • Niching and Repositioning
  • Breaking Negative Cycles



Working with Mat means your path to better positioning in the sector is more smooth as is your likelihood of a decent sale opportunity. Do you want…

  • A more buyable business?

  • More inbound leads?

  • Increased momentum?

Do you want?

More Money. More Time. Less Stress. More Quickly.

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