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Bella Hegarty
Agency Advisor

For Bella it’s the small touches…

Translating every unique detail in a travel experience – heartfelt greetings, a bottle of champagne on ice awaiting your arrival, sunset views with an accompanied handwritten note into subtle but powerful touches to optimise your agency’s client journey.

More about Bella…


Through her experience providing client concierge in private travel and bespoke hospitality and instructor training of skiers & snowboarders globally, for Bella every experience is defined through adventure.

Bella is with you for the long haul, she partners with you and your team to help improve your experience from all angles, asking your clients the hard questions so that you don’t have to. Her success is your success, seeing your clients transformations and glowing feedback is what she’s here for, making those small frustrations never exist!



  • Client relationship & expectation management
  • Internal operations & communication training
  • Client centred growth strategy
  • Experience & value analysis- Extracting the essence of your OMG moments!
  • Adult learning styles and adaptability of delivery



  • The ability for you to step out of the day-to-day & have time to focus on agency growth
  • Streamlined and smooth ways of working, team & client management increasing capacity while maintaining quality of delivery
  • Clear systems, processes and areas of ownership developing space and confidence in direction and growth mindset
  • Clear set expectations & boundaries internally & externally, cementing & improving relationships & communication
  • Simplified services & client experiences catapulting retention & creating raving fans out of your clients

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