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Alpa Shingadia
Agency Advisor

Alpa Shingadia is a Hampshire-based businesswoman with extensive agency experience.

She worked her way up in marketing departments of various Tech companies in the mid-90s.

She set up independently when the dot-com bubble burst for Technology organisations in the early 2000s.

She built a marketing agency from her home with a phone and a Yellow Pages.

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She is a seasoned businesswoman, her first agency folded during the credit crunch, but taking what she learnt from that horrible experience, she went on to build her second marketing agency, which she successfully exited from in 2013.  Since that exit, she works as a board advisor on growth and exit planning for not only marketing agencies but technology companies.

Business Growth is not just about increasing your sales – Alpa understands that to achieve sustainable real growth, a company needs to focus on all aspects of its internal operations.

Alpa will get you to focus on all the core areas of your business to enable your organisation to experience sustained success and breakthrough to the next level of turnover and achieve higher profits.

Outside of work, Alpa is a keen British medieval history buff, and loves to lose herself in a great book.





Having grown my own marketing agency there is little I have not come across from staffing issues to client over servicing as a few examples.

  • Blueprint for growth
  • Clear strategic thinking
  • Developing leaders through mentoring
  • Holding leadership teams to account so growth is achieved.

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