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Adrian Lomas
Agency Advisor

Adrian Lomas embarked on his journey in 1999 when he established Blueleaf, a design agency located in Cheshire.

Over the years, the business flourished into a successful e-commerce agency, earning several national awards, including the prestigious Investors in People Gold award. Adrian himself gained recognition on a national level as a prominent leader in the digital sector.

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Despite the success, like most businesses, Blueleaf encountered their fair share of downs as well as the ups. 2013 marked as one of the most challenging years for Adrian. Multiple personal issues linked to the business on the edge of insolvency. This phase of his life was far from what he had envisioned. Adrian endured three months of living under his desk, refusing to accept defeat. He secured a substantial bank loan to pay off all suppliers, and turned to “Traction,” the EOS book, which helped him chart a clear path for the future. Ultimately, this path led to the successful sale of the business in 2019 for a substantial sum.

In the subsequent years, Adrian remained involved in the business, overseeing global internal communications and culture. However, his renewed connection with EOS reignited his passion and resonated with his sense of purpose. This naturally propelled Adrian to become a Professional EOS Implementer, enabling him to assist leadership teams striving for improved outcomes in their businesses.



  • Strategic growth planning
  • Leadership development
  • Systems & processes
  • Marketing & sales
  • Time management
  • Accountability



Adrian successfully manages remote teams and ensures the preservation of a strong company culture while adeptly guiding agency mergers and acquisitions to success. Adrian’s dedication extends to supporting work-life balance initiatives, effectively implementing marketing strategies, boosting team productivity and performance, enhancing client acquisition and retention efforts, skillfully developing and executing growth strategies, and ultimately increasing revenue and profitability.

Additionally, Adrian streamlines processes and workflows and navigates leadership challenges with expertise when scaling agency operations.

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