Grow Your IT Services Company

IT Services Company Coaching and Support Did you start your IT Services Company because you are passionate about technology and wanted to share your expertise with the world?

Do you find yourself increasingly dealing with day-to-day issues instead of focusing on growing your business?

This can be an isolating and difficult experience.

What could we do together....?

As an IT Services Company leader, do any of these situations resonate with you?

It’s normal for IT Services Company owners to face these challenges. You likely started your company due to your technical skills, not because you’re a business expert. As your business has grown, you’ve realized that you can’t do everything – no one can! 

Initially, your business experienced growth, and the momentum was exhilarating. However, along the way, you may have missed critical aspects of running your IT Services Company, which can lead to wasted time, frustration, and potentially harm your business. No one wants that. 

Having built, operated, and sold several companies, we understand the ups and downs you might be experiencing. By analyzing our successes and failures over the last decade, we can offer genuine, no-nonsense coaching and support to help you achieve your goals. 

Would you like more profit, less stress, and a clear path for growth? We might be able to assist you… 

Do you want more profit, less stress, and a positive trajectory for your desired growth? Maybe we can help… 

A few of our awesome coaches and trainers...


Gaining insight into yourself and your leadership team can lead to better decision-making and results…

Unlock Cognitive Diversity with Emergenetics® 

Numerous psychometric tools exist, but Emergenetics Profile reveals both your thinking patterns and behavior. These patterns, which result from your genetics and life experiences, are your brain’s preferences, tendencies, or habits. 

Using Emergenetics can help you develop self-awareness, improve communication, and create more effective teams. Knowing your and your team‘s thinking pathways and behavioral tendencies can provide tangible benefits for your company. 

How Does It Work? 

Emergenetics, a social neuroscience developed by Dr. Geil Browning and Dr. Wendell Williams in the early 1990s, measures four thinking and three behavioral preferences. 

What does this help you with?

Fees – £500 + VAT per profile


Tailored specifically for IT Services Company owners/directors who want to grow and need support in developing a customized strategic plan, tools, and accountability. 

We dedicate time to understand your company’s history, uncover individual challenges, develop a realistic strategy based on data, and work diligently to transform your business. Consider this the external support that keeps you focused on a better business and lifestyle. 

It’ll be hard work, but it’s worth it, as it can significantly change your company. 

What do we do together?

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month

*Month 1 carries a higher fee so that we can spend at least a day together for a strategic review.
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This is ideal for any agency decision-maker who understands what needs to be done but wants a trusted advisor to help sense-check ideas and then support the building of the strategy & maintain traction as things grow.

These best fits agencies looking to make a big company change project or pivot. Sometimes, no matter how clear something may be in your head, having outside perspectives might help. A few nudges in the right direction and support through the knock-on impact of changes could make all the difference. A coaching plan that is focused on a strategy might be the way to go!

How does it work?

Fees – £4,000 + VAT per project (usually over 3 months)

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Therapy... (1:1 Mentorship)

Ideal for IT Services Company owners, directors, or key decision-makers who need someone to discuss ideas with or offer a listening ear to support problem-solving.

We’ve all been there! It can be lonely, and every issue can feel personal or too complex to handle alone. The problem is, there’s often no one else to share these thoughts or concerns with! Regardless of how well things are going, the stress can build over time. Sometimes, you just need to share your thoughts, analyze the connected factors, and approach problems from a different perspective. Regular mentorship from someone experienced in the IT Services Company sector can offer insights that you won’t find from friends or family.  

What do you get from the therapy couch?

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month

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Embarking on this journey with our coaching and support services can make a significant difference in the growth, success, and resilience of your IT Company. By addressing challenges and implementing effective strategies, you can secure a brighter future for your business and enjoy a more rewarding professional life.