Grow Your Chartered Accountancy Firm

Do you own or run a chartered accountants firm because you love what you do and want to make an impact in your own way?

However, are you finding that you're spending more time dealing with urgent issues or working on day-to-day tasks, rather than focusing on growing your business?

It can be a challenging and isolating experience.

What could we do together....?

As a leader of a chartered accountants firm, do any of the following situations sound familiar?

There’s nothing to be ashamed of; it’s normal for owners and managers of chartered accountants firms to encounter these issues. You might have started your firm because of your technical expertise, but running a business requires a different set of skills. As your business grows, you might feel like you can’t handle everything on your own anymore. 

At our firm, we’ve built, run, and exited several successful businesses, so we understand the highs and lows that come with it. By taking a step back and analyzing our wins and losses over the last decade, we can offer you an authentic, no-BS coaching and support approach that will help you achieve more profit, less stress, and the growth you desire. 

A few of our awesome coaches and trainers...


Want to know yourself and your leadership team better to minimize blind spots and achieve better outcomes?

Consider unlocking cognitive diversity with Emergenetics®

There are many psychometric tools available, but the Emergenetics Profile reveals your patterns of thinking and behavior. These patterns emerge from your genetics (DNA) and life experiences and can help you and your team gain greater self-awareness, improve communication, and build more productive teams. Knowing both yours and your team’s preferred pathways in thinking and behavior can lead to actionable insights for your firm. 

How Does It Work?

The social neuroscience of Emergenetics measures four thinking preferences and three behavioral preferences.

What does this help you with?

Fees – £500 + VAT per profile


Are you looking to grow your firm but need help mapping out a tailored strategic route, along with the tools and accountability to get there? Our Transform program is designed specifically for you. 

We’ll take the time to understand your firm’s history, uncover the challenges you face, develop a realistic long-term strategy, and work with you to transform your business. Our program provides external support to keep you focused and on track to achieving a better business and lifestyle. It’ll be hard work, but all the good things tend to be. This is a game-changer for your firm. 

What do we do together?

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month

*Month 1 carries a higher fee so that we can spend at least a day together for a strategic review.
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This is ideal for any agency decision-maker who understands what needs to be done but wants a trusted advisor to help sense-check ideas and then support the building of the strategy & maintain traction as things grow.

These best fits agencies looking to make a big company change project or pivot. Sometimes, no matter how clear something may be in your head, having outside perspectives might help. A few nudges in the right direction and support through the knock-on impact of changes could make all the difference. A coaching plan that is focused on a strategy might be the way to go!

How does it work?

Fees – £4,000 + VAT per project (usually over 3 months)

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Therapy... (1:1 Mentorship)

Do you need someone to bounce ideas off or provide a listening ear to support issue resolution? Our Therapy program, or 1:1 Mentorship, is best suited for owners, directors, or key decision-makers of chartered accountants firms. 

Running a business can be lonely, and every problem can feel personal or too complex to keep to yourself. No matter how well things are going, it can take a toll over time. Sometimes, you just need to offload your thoughts, unpack the related factors, and look at problems from another angle regularly to stay sane. Our Therapy program provides a trusted “Agony-Aunt” style therapy for digital agency owner-directors that can offer a perspective you can’t get from your family or friends. 

What do you get from the therapy couch?

Fees – £1,000 + VAT per month

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At our firm, we understand the challenges of running a chartered accountants firm and how lonely it can feel. That’s why we offer a range of programs designed to help you grow your business, improve communication and productivity, and maintain your mental health and well-being. Let us help you achieve more profit, less stress, and the growth you want.