Ollie Bell

People often point to their success in business and then immediately qualify themselves as a coach or mentor. It’s one thing to have achieved something for yourself but it’s an entirely different skill to be able to take others on a journey and achieve great results along the way.  

Ollie brings business experience and coaching skills in equal measures, as a qualified Coach Practitioner (BSc degree), with expert understanding of coaching psychology, business development and high performance culture. Originally specialising in sports markets and athlete development, Ollie combines themes from his background in sport, with business principles to inspire and guide everyone involved.

Ollie is dedicated to helping businesses grow, scale and drive revenue and is a firm believer that to truly capitalise, you must always remain at the cutting edge of new thinking. Ollie has academic studies in Public Narrative & Storytelling (Harvard University) and more recently, Blockchain & NFT Strategy (Oxford University), and brings this powerful content to the table to help clients grow, scale their business and create opportunities through new revenue streams.

Having secured multiple industry awards for his work in the field of digital innovation, Ollie’s most exciting work involves building business accelerators, advising tech start-ups and delivering projects with global brands including: HSBC, Google, Joe Wicks, Premier league stars.

Ollie Bell



Ollie is dedicated to making the journey exciting, inspiring and entertaining for clients and   very selective about who he works with, as he brings his core values of kindness, creativity and inclusion, in equal measure with his relentless pursuit for results that move the needle for clients.

Most of Ollie’s time is spent in education, helping organisations understand the power of web3, exploring digital innovation strategies for growing business and speaking at events.