Lucy-Rose Walker

With a degree in psychology and a history of working with business start-ups Lucy-Rose co-founded Entrepreneurial Spark (ES) in 2012. Growing the ES network to 12 accelerator Hubs operating across all four nations of the UK creating the World’s largest fully funded accelerator, in partnership with Natwest. During this period her and her team supported over 3500 businesses from all sectors.  

As an accredited coach she has enabled entrepreneurs, senior leaders and teams by combining herunderstanding of psychology and business acumen to support them to develop their self-awareness, performance, and mindset. 

She has published a book and podcast called Misadventures in Entrepreneuring, highlighting the real truth about how it feels everyday being an entrepreneur and running your own venture.



  • Supporting the creation of organisational clarity, communication, and consistency.
  • A down to earth approach, come with no judgement and bias. Wanting you to succeed whatever that looks like for you. 
  • Providing the voice of reason, who helps you filter the ideas, and manoeuvre round, over and under the hurdles, stumbling blocks, and barriers to progress (often internally as much as externally). 
  • Providing a supportive and challenging accountability, focused on the execution of the vision. 
  • We are all human beings running human businesses so focusing on enabling you to reach your full potential.
  • Helping you to identify strengths and roles, enabling both people and company growth by empowering the humans in the business.