Lucy O’Keeffe

Lucy has a thing for human beings. She sees potential in people and helps them to realise it in themselves. A qualified coach, trainer and facilitator with an MSc in Wellbeing and Human Development, Lucy specialises in organisational and leadership development. She’ll get excited about the brains in your team, stretch you to do your best thinking, and lift the focus from problems and drama to achieving outcomes that support your vision. Lucy’s superpower is her ability to connect easily at all levels with energy, creativity and warmth, and to create a safe, structured space for growth and transformation.



  • Develop clarity of purpose and vision to give you and your team direction and momentum.
  • Understand your brain architecture to create new thinking patterns, habits and beliefs that spark growth in yourself and others.
  • Create a thinking culture to unlock potential and fire up performance.
  • Understand relational dynamics within your team and how to manage yourself and others.