Craig Stuart

Craig is a coach and people development specialist who works with individuals and teams to create positive and lasting change. His work is grounded in the understanding that we are what we repeatedly do, and his approach involves helping people to overcome challenges through attention, repetition, and encouragement.

This creates sound patterns of self-leadership through enhanced self-awareness. Not only does this process help individuals to be fully present in their work and life, it also ultimately empowers them to take control of what guides and drives them.

Craig’s key strength lies in navigating relational complexity in the workplace. He does this by helping his clients gain perspective and a clear understanding of their environment, themselves, and their role in those spaces. His coaching niche lies in his ability to create healthy rhythms, routines, and habits for those already on their leadership journey or those just starting out, with the core belief that “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”



Working with Craig helps leaders gain a good sense of perspective when the work landscape around them constantly changes.

by focusing on overcoming relational and team complexity because of that changing landscape, particularly when it comes to finding the balance between prioritising the important and the urgent.

Resulting in better headspace, growth and long-term opportunities as your career and business(es) expand.